Third Party Management

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What we do for you!

We are your managing agent for your property. Our services include the following:

We want to lease up your units. Arrange, review, monitor and implement advertising campaigns in regional sources. Examples include on-lines service providers, Facebook, Craigslist, local publications, and our web site.
  • Provide defined financial controls for your property
  • Establish Bank Accounts in the owner or company name.
  • Collect all monies from property and deposit into established accounts
  • Pay Bills from operating revenue or owner’s contributions
  • Agreed to standards for expenditure levels.
  • Provide detailed monthly reports
  • Balance operating and security accounts
  • Distribute monthly operations reports
  • Deposit owner’s proceeds monthly.
  • Provide yearly year end reports as needed
Market Resarch
  • Perform Market surveys of competition
  • Monitor multifamily activity locally
  • Set Lease rates
  • Advise and implement new trends
  • Maintain documents for Lease compliance and add updates as needed
  • Meet with prospective tenants
  • Show Apartments
  • Process Application and future resident screening.
  • Sign, verify, process and file all lease documents.
  • Input data into property management software.
  • Move in tenants
  • Move out tenants
  • Strive to maintain consistent high levels of occupancy
Resident Retention
  • Organize property activities
  • Maintain open lines of communication with residents
Interface with Attorney on behalf of owners
  • Attend normal court and collections proceedings
  • Initiate eviction proceedings for rent and possession suits
  • Interface with collections agent on behalf of owners
  • Process collected monies
Management of Employees
  • Advertise for future employees
  • Interview future employees
  • Screen, process and Hire employees
  • Train employees
  • Monitor and Motivate
  • Discipline and Terminate
  • Manage employees so that they are following company policies, operating procedures and fair housing guidelines
  • Provide all maintenance services related to apartment management.
  • Maintain entry into apartments
  • Walk property on a consistent bases
  • Write and record work orders
  • Walk vacant units
  • Preparing list of items to be repaired or replaced
  • Schedule vendors or maintenance staff to repair
  • Walk finish units before resident moves in
  • Meet with city inspectors for occupancy requirements
  • Manage Vendors
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors
Consulting services available
  • Communicate trends in multi-family
  • Recommend cost saving measures
  • Explore opportunities for acquisition and development
  • Interface with financial and legal on behalf of owners.