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The Wellington Group, Inc.
1715 Deer Tracks Trail
Suite 220
St. Louis, MO 63131
Phone: 314-984-9700
Fax: 314-984-9763

The Wellington Group manages commercial and residential properties throughout the metro St. Louis area. The Wellington Group prides itself on providing personalized attention to all of our tenants. All facets of the business are covered by experienced and professional staff. Our full service management includes leasing, accounting and 24hr maintenance.

Why should you hire The Wellington Group?

As a property management company The Wellington Group can help you:

  • Market you rental property to minimize vacancies and maximize income
  • Fill vacancies with the best possible tenants
  • Maintain and keep your rental property in good condition
  • Track income and expenses to determine profitability
  • Negotiate rental agreements
  • Collect rent and track tenants deposits
  • Comply with federal, state and local laws
  • Respond to tenant requests and deal with problem tenants

The Wellington Group property managers can help you make the most from your rental property and they can save you the client valuable time.

What kind of fee does The Wellington Group charge?

The Wellington Group bases all management fees on a percentage. This percentage will vary bases on the type and size of the property. Charging a percentage can be a good incentive for the management company to increase income, which is a win win for both the owner and the management company.

What about a contract, what will this entail?

The Wellington Group does require a management contract/agreement. This contract/agreement will do the following:

  • Identify the parties that will be involved
  • Specify a length of time
  • List the responsibilities of the management company
  • List the responsibilities of the owner
  • State the percentage that will be charged for the service

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