“Savannah Ridge in O’Fallon, Mo. is by far the best property/value in the area……I hesitate while creating this post because I would prefer to keep our property as a -best kept secret…..but-these people work hard & deserve the recognition. The staff, manager & the maintanence crew including lawn-care/landscape are all exactly what keeps this property something more-a place I am proud to call home. Clean, well maintained, & always improving (i.e. recently had l.e.d. lighting installed in parking & trash drop off) as well as friendly, yet, professional. Always available & most of all-trust worthy. My daughter & I have always been treated with respect & concern for our needs. If you prefer maintanence free living or if you see yourself in between homes, Savannah Ridge is a sollution you will not regret. I even took the time to contact corporate & compliment the staff by name. Like I said in the begining of this post-they deserve recognition for a job well done. Thank you Savannah Ridge, we sincerely appreciate your efforts!!! 😃”