“I just wanted to say thank you. My husband and I were in the area last week with our two children in order to secure housing for our family. My husband is transferring to St. Louis, and neither of us had ever been in the area, nor do we have any family or friends there. Now, as previously stated, we were in the area for a week. We viewed numerous privately owned rental houses as well as various apartment complexes, and easily decided on Sterling Heights upon our initial visit to that location. Ginger was so incredibly helpful, kind, and pleasant. She took her time with us, and our children, and showed genuine concern. We filled out the application before we left and were so very nervous, but she contacted us and let us know what other information was needed to complete the application process. We promptly supplied the requested information, but it was after business hours. Clearly we would have to wait and see what would happen the next day, but no!! Ginger apparently checked her email, and having seen the requested documents, took time out of her personal life and went back in to the office to get our contact information to personally call us and let us know we were approved and that the paperwork would be ready the next day. She actually cared enough to go out of her way to go back after hours and call us to give us peace of mind so that we would rest easier that night!! When we went the next day to sign a lease, she again went out of her way and walked us to the daycare for a tour, and to our “future home” so that I could get a better visual in my mind as to where everything would go. I can not fully explain just how grateful we are/were to have been genuinely welcomed by someone. Ginger exemplified the very nature of the type of welcoming and friendly community that we hope to have found.”


-Received from a happy new resident at Sterling Heights Apartments!